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eSelect B4

In reference of the last technology in electronic field we have built the B4 controller to measure the main parameters in the water treatment applications.
It is possible to connect the new controller to an Ethernet LAN to control all parameters and storage all data.
We have decided to use a 7 coloured display touchscreen to improve the view, the user-friendly setting and display the graphic of the time-measure.
The main technical characteristic of the new B4 are the following:
3 measure channels (4 on request), settable separately by the user: pH, RX, Cl2, Cl tot.
Temperature measure
Automatic filter washing output
No. 2 auxiliary outputs activating by a weekly/daily timer
No.1 input water meter
No.1 Ethernet RJ45 (LAN) connection
No.1 USB to update firmware or to download data
Power supply 100-250 Vac or 12-30V dc